Monday, October 6, 2008

More days off!

Last week was pretty normal. Annoying class mates in Government and a fun time in English. We have finished several days ahead of schedule what the teacher has for us to do. It has been neat to see! The same almost has happened in Government. The only difference is that he is going to have us review on the extra days. Our English teacher can only review so much without boring her 4-6 students.

Today in Government I had to give an oral report. I gave it on Sarah Palin. I was able to do it in powerpoint. I really enjoyed putting it together and presenting it. The subject did not go over the best with those that are in the class. It is a mostly Democratic leaning class. I still gave it without much headache.

Tomorrow I take the last test I will take in this English class. I am so excited! I almost postitive I will ace it! The teacher basicly went over what will be on the test with us today. That was just about all the review I needed. Most of the stuff is very straight forward.

I was sitting today at lunch and noticed something interesting. I normallly sit outside when the weather is nice. Why waste it by being inside all day? There is this fountain in the court yard where I sit. At the top of this very modern artish fountain is a trough. In this trough floating back and forth is a football. I thought it was a Basketball at first, but its not. It was a football. I wonder if someone put it in there on purpose. Does the faculty know it is there? How long will it be before it gets taken out? Why is it that I always notice these things?

Until Next time,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Only Half a week

Last week was pretty normal. I passed my Government test with a 105. Not bad if I don't say so myself. We have started going over how Presidents are elected now. That has been interesting and somewhat complex but yet amazingly simple.

English, we have KILLED the subject of commas. My teacher sure is living up to her name of comma queen! If I don't know how to use them now I don't think I will ever know how to use them!

I am so excited! I have finished my Geometry! I am completely done! I finished with a 94 average. I bearly received an A! I worked hard though to finish it. Now that I am done with it, I don't know exactly what I am going to do. Maybe take a few weeks off?

Now, what about that half week? I only have a half week of class this week. This is by my choice. I have my homework that is due Monday so I will not fall to far behind. I am just kinda looking forward to being able to do it on my own time scale again for a while. Well, at least for a few days!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Poetry and some other stuff

Today in Government we reviewed for our test which is tomorrow. I am ready, at least that is what I am hoping after this sleepy fog clears tomorrow morning. I have just finished typing out the review sheet he gave us. This test seems to just be a big vocabulary test.

English today was interesting. We read poems and wrote our own Acrostic poem. I will share with you three of my favorite poems we read.

Hold my hand
by Mari Evans

hold my hand
let me touch you
there is
we can
eludes me
when I reach
your eyes
my need to know
hold my hand
since there is
nothing we can say

Where Have You Gone
by Mari Evans

Where have you gone

with your confident
walk with
your crooked smile

why did you leave
when you took your
and departed
are you aware that
with you
went the sun
all light
and what few stars
there were?

where have you gone
with your confident
walk your
crooked smile the
rent money
in one pocket and
my heart
in another . . .

(this last one is not normally one I would enjoy, but the end I just found SO funny!)

Incident in a Rose Garden: Donald Justice

Sir, I encountered Death
Just now among our roses
Thin as a scythe he stood there.

I knew him by his pictures
He had on his black coat
Black gloves, and broad black hat.

I think he would have spoken,
Seeing his mouth stood open.
Big it was, with white teeth.

As soon as he beckoned, I ran.
I ran untill I found you.
Sir, I'm quitting my job.

I want to see my sons
Once more before I die.
I want to see California.

Sir, you must be that stranger
Who threatened my gardener.
This is my property, sir.

I welcome only friends here.

Sir, I knew your father.
And we were friends at the end.

As for your gardener,
I did not threaten him.
Old men mistake my gestures.

I only ment to ask him
To show me to his master.
I take it you are he?

In Geometry today I was told that the test I took last week was only half the test. That means I have to take the rest of it tomorrow. This shall be interesting. I sure hope I do okay!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Okay, it has been SUCH a long week for me this week. I feel like I haven't stopped until this morning.

  • Monday I had a pretty simple day except I got home and an hour later had to turn around and leave. I then didn't get home till after 9:30 PM. Needless to say I was pretty zapped.
  • Tuesday I was at school for an extra hour and a half. It was raining, and I forgot my umbrella. We need the rain though. So it is a blessing. Just wish the blessing at given me some notice so I could have brought an umbrella with me.
  • Come Wednesday I was tired of the rain but it kept coming. It was a pretty normal Wednesday for me. The only real difference was where I sat for lunch. I was able to sit with a different friend. It was a nice change. I think I might be finding me a brand new place to sit.
  • Thursday was a day I had some fun with. I don't know why I just had an enjoyable time. I didn't come home till after 7 however. I don't mind that all that much.
  • Friday, boy was I glad to see it come around! I was just ready to stop. I have made myself sick of Geometry. Apparently I pushed myself too hard too fast. I am almost done though, so I'm excited about that! I just put myself in a little bubble and stayed that way during most of the free time. I was also excited because we got to finish watching the movie we started last week in English, Happy Feet. I love my English teacher! She is so funny! She really likes our class so she lets us do things she doesn't let any other class do!
So now I sit here, not really wanting to do any school work but finding myself with a loss of what to do. I may start on my Political Person oral report that isn't due for another three weeks. I am kinda excited about that assignment. I choose Sarah Palin. It will be interesting to see my class mates facial expressions as they listen, or not listen, depending.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tests, riots, and birthdays

So we were supposed to take a test Wednesday on the amendments in Government. Wednesday my teacher had asked for a faculty member who had just gotten back from the Democratic National Convention to explain about what she did there, how she got there, and stuff like that. That took up the whole class time so we did not have time to take the test. It was postponed until Thursday. I was kinda disappointed, I was really ready to take the test.

Anyway, Thursday comes, we take the test. The teacher grades them as we hand them in. We are almost all done with the test when the teacher announces that he believes that there were some of the class that received outside help, aka cheating. So we will all have to take the test the second hour of class. That did not go over well. It started a shouting and cursing match. The teacher left to take care of one students attitude problems leaving the room unattended. Not the smartest thing in the world to do. It was beginning to get so bad I got up out of the class room and sat down in the hall way. I closed the door behind me so I could actually concentrate on what I was trying to study. I wasn't out there long before another girl came out and joined me. She had seen some of the guys cheat and they were cursing at her. It sounded like a riot was going to start in there! Thankfully the teacher came back so things settled down a little bit. We took the test over again. I got the same thing I had the first time, so no big deal. What did I get you ask? 100%

Today is my teachers birthday. I took her a card into class with me yesterday along with a small present. The card read, "Happy Birthday to the most bestest English teacher ever!" I know, its horrible grammar. That was the point. Here is the gift I gave her. She is the Comma Queen, so she says.

For those of you who are not sure what this is, its a Burger King Crown with a little modification.

English was fun too! We were able to have donuts on break! There were so good! We also got to watch Happy Feet for the last half of class. I had not seen it before. I want to see the rest of it now!

Remember my little candy buddy from the stair well? He was not there yesterday afternoon after class. :( Oh well, it was neat seeing him there this week!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A few sights of school

So I took my camera with me to school. Just figured it would be a handy thing to have with me. I found something interesting on my way down the stairs yesterday.

So...what is it you ask? Don't you see? Its a caterpillar or worm made out of Dots and a marshmallow! I am amazed the ants haven't gotten to it yet. It was there still today. Its kinda cute. He just sits there and watches people go up and down the stairs. Who put it there? Why did they put it there? How long has it been sitting there? Who knows!

My English teacher wrote this during class today to kind of entertain herself while waiting on us to finish the worksheets she had handed out.

With her as a teacher it really is!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Long weekend

Sorry guys for leaving you hanging all weekend. Knowing that I had a long weekend coming up my brain wanted to leave every notion of school behind.....At least for a few days. I am ready to get into the swing of things again. It will be nice to hang out with my friends today!

Anyways, Thursday I was so pleased with myself. I started and finished one section in Geometry in an hour and a half! I was just tickled pink! Now I will start getting into the nitty gritty stuff of Geometry. That is going to be interesting to say the least!

Friday was my English sub's last day. :( I was able to get all my homework done in her class, or almost all of it anyway. We then kinda talked for the rest of class because she didn't have any other material to cover. I am going to miss her! My regular teacher starts back today. Time for more transitioning again. To figure out exactly how she expects tests to be done and the like. There is a good possibility that I have a test today in English. Eek!

Speaking of tests....I have to know Amendments to the Constitution #11-27 for tomorrow in government. I guess thats a "Welcome to the life of school, we will pile many tests on you all in the same week!" I know..exaggeration but that is sometimes the way it feels!

Off to class I go!